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Automatic Transfer Switches - With an AST3225 Auto-Start Transfer Switch System, and any generator having an electric starter, you can have a dependable stand-by power system, that will automatically supply you with back-up power when your primary power supply is lost.

ATS3225 Series Autostart transfer System(28663 bytes)

Battery Charging and Inverter Systems - Success Lead-Acid Battery Chargers are designed to cater for high volume battery charging of up to 9 pieces of 12V batteries or 18 pieces of 6V batteries connected in series. The model 12LD47 DC to AC power inverter is an important part of wind power supply systems. It controls output power from the battery to the load, maintains the proper operation of the whole system, It provides multi functional protection against possible damage, thus prolonging the life expectancy of the system. 

Success battery charger (31624 bytes)

Model 12LD47 power inverter (16654 bytes)

DC Generators - 8kW direct-coupled / electric start diesel generators

8kW diesel generator (52377 bytes)

Engine Controllers - We can supply all control parts for diesel engines and generator sets (from AVR to control panel and switchgear) using our accumulated experience over the last 20 years and have acquired a good reputation among our customers.

Engine Controllers (19307 bytes)

Gasifier Stoves - The JXQ-10A small gasification stove is a tool which can change agricultural and forestry waste material  into combustible gas.

Model JXQ-10A portable straw-fuel gas cooker (46121 bytes)

Small Generators - Brushless alternator eliminates time consuming maintenance. Condenser voltage regulator ensures stable voltage output. No fuse circuit breakers for overload protection and convenience.12 volt D.C. auxiliary charging (car/boat batteries). 

Luxury Diesel Generators  (26988 bytes)

Solar Collectors - Thermal and photovoltaic. Heat Vacuum Tube Pressure Roof Water Heaters--the alternative heat tube transfers the thermal in one direction, with little thermal capacity and can start with low temperature, and can be quickly heated. The Original Solar Cell--mainly cut into different sizes for different technical performance, and embedded into a consumer product as its power source.

Heat Vacuum Tube Pressure Roof Water Heaters (15910 bytes)

The Original Solar Cell

Solar Powered Products - Mini solar charger, radio lantern, fan clip, hand crank/solar power system, table lamp, power supply, and radio

Solar powered fan clip for caps (7782 bytes)

Water Powered Systems - XJ Series Hydraulic Generators. This kind of mini-hydraulic generator consists of an inclined impulse turbine and a set of direct-connected AC Generator.

XJ Series Hydraulic Generators (15040 bytes)
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