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Kevin L. Chisholm

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About Kevin Chisholm, 
          Professional Engineer

Kevin L. Chisholm

EDUCATION: Bachelor of Engineering, Mechanical, from the Technical University of Nova Scotia, 1963

WORK EXPERIENCE: (Most recent first)

Energy Engineering Ltd: President. Undertaking various projects in aquaculture, aquaponics, forestry machine development, and generator and controls manufacture, environmental remediation… .

DynaGen Technologies: Director of Marketing and Sales for a high tech company manufacturing automatic transfer switches, and microprocessor based engine controllers.

Energy Engineering Ltd: President and Founder. The Company was formed in 1976, and has undertaken a wide variety of projects, with the common feature being energy systems:
· Energy cost reduction at a land based salmonid farm
· Design and start up of a waste water heat recovery system in a salmonid hatchery
· Design of a water heating and water re-use system for a salmonid hatchery
· Design, build, and start up a specialized forging furnace to manufacture mine arch web plates
· Design, build, and start up a portable system for harvesting periwinkles
· Design, build, and start up a system for cooking periwinkles, and extracting them from their shells
· Design and build aquaculture oxygenation systems.
· Design and build axial flow pumps.
· Design and build a lumber kiln system employing a 6000 square foot solar collector for energy cost reduction.
· Design and build a greenhouse system heated entirely with industrial waste heat, and employing hydroponics and soil-less growing techniques.
· Trouble shooting for a wood fired boiler system with combustion problems.
· Energy cost reduction studies for Industrial, Institutional, Governmental, Educational, and Domestic Clients.
· Steel making process development work for an International Consultant.
· Technical and economic feasibility studies for conversion of Schools and Government Buildings to wood fired boilers.
· Heating, ventilation and air conditioning design
· Design and build equipment for harvesting and processing shellfish.
· Technical and economic feasibility for a furnace manufacturer
· Trouble shooting and corrective design on a municipal waste incinerator.
· Major energy cost reduction analysis and implementation program at a non-ferrous smelter, which resulted in direct annual energy savings to the Client of $2,000,000 per year.
· Set up and operated a subsidiary company, Elegant Metals, to do silver, gold, copper and nickel plating, brass polishing and lacquering, and fine metal repairs.

Sydney Steel Corporation: Senior Development Engineer and Senior Energy Conservation Engineer. I was responsible for identifying and implementing energy cost reduction opportunities at an integrated steel plant (coke ovens, blast furnace, open hearth, rolling mills, and oxygen plant) with a capacity at that time of 1 million tons per year. As Senior Development Engineer, I undertook projects such as:

· Engineering Manager on the Submerged Injection Process. This increased steel making production rate by 40%
· Design and construction supervision of all propane, nitrogen and oxygen piping systems required for the SI Process
· Design and implementation of an experimental testing program for the SI Process.
· Redesign, and re-construction of the open-hearth furnaces as required to implement the SI process.
· Design, installation and start-up of a 3,000 USGPH homogenized oil system for blast furnace coke oven replacement.
· Project Engineer on a 225 ton per day limestone calcining plant.
· Design and construction supervision for a coke ovens gas booster system.
· Supervised the construction of a 4,000' stainless steel pipeline, 8" diameter for conveying oxygen to the Open Hearth Tank Farm.
· Supervised construction of a 35 ton per day Oxygen Liquefier and a 1,500 ton liquid oxygen storage tank.

Quebec Iron and Titanium Corporation: Product Processing Group Supervisor at a smelter producing titania slag and pig iron from ilmenite, using submerged arc technology, There were nine arc furnaces, with power ratings of up to 75 MW. I was responsible for process improvement and new product development. Some projects included:

· Set-up and operation of a continuous casting machine for grey and ductile iron.
· Reducing sulphur content in finished metal
· Development of a Continuous Iron Processing system
· Development of a process for producing high chromium iron, and for shipping it "over the fence" in hot metal ladels. 

Gorman Construction: Project Engineer. I was responsible for construction of docking facilities for the Newfoundland Car Ferry, and a portion of the facilities associated with the Newfoundland rail ferry. I was also responsible for raising a concrete crib, weighing about 1000 tons that had sunk in a storm

Snowflake Lime: Vice President and General Manager: I was responsible for a limestone quarry operation, and the operation of 4 wood fired shaft kilns for calcining limestone. I implemented improvements to kiln operation, which resulted in a 34% increase in production with the same total fuel consumption.

AH Roy and Associates: I was a Founding Partner. We did Mechanical, Electrical Municipal, Mining and Industrial Engineering.

Domtar Chemicals: Project Engineer. I was responsible for general engineering projects, such as conveyor design, crushing and screening plant improvements, and for energy cost reduction on 2 rotary kilns, 300 TPD, and 6 shaft kilns, operating on producer gas.

Memberships: I am now, or have been, a Member of the Association of Professional Engineers for the provinces of New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, and Quebec; The American Society of Heating Ventilation and Refrigeration Engineers; Secretary-Treasurer of the Grand Narrows Board of Trade; Past President of the Cape Breton Alternative Energy Society; Director of the Route 223 Forestry Management Co-op.

Professional Development: Courses in Critical Path Planning and Scheduling, Management Accounting, Small Business Development, AutoCad

Computer Skills: Proficient in Word, Excel, and AutoCad

Outside Interests: Wine making, genealogy, herbal medicine, Organic Gardening, waste biomass utilization, bluewater sailing, small band saw mills and sustainable forestry equipment development.

References: Available on request.



Kevin L. Chisholm
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