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Multi-functional Solar Charger
Mobile phone runs out of electricity? Shaver won't work any more? CD player is not functional? Worst of all, there is no convenient power source nearby to charge them. Our multi-functional solar charger is your solution.

* Dimension: 22.8 x 17.2 x 3.4 cm 

* Can charge 3V, 6V, 9V, 12V application. This voltage range has covered almost all small household appliances in our daily life, such as mobile phone, CD/VCD player, digital camera, shaver, radio etc.
* It is small and handy, with the size of a book, it can be easily be carried around anywhere.

Mini solar charger; Can charge 3V-12V application
* There is no switch needed, All you need to do is to connect the solar charger with your application using the connecting wire inside the package.
* There is a small cabin inside the solar charger where 4 pieces of AAA rechargeable batteries can be charged. (The rechargeable batteries are not included in the product) When there is no sunlight, the consumer may use electricity out of the batteries.


Model: SH, Name: Hand Crank / Solar Power System

Technical Data:
· Solar Panel: 3Wp/16.2V (Monocrystalline Silicon)
· Battery: 4.5Ah/12V Lead-Acid Rechargeable Battery
· Hand Crank: Max 1A charging current
· Lamp: 1pc of 3W/12V AC Energy-saving lamp with 10 feet cable


Model  Description Inner Box Export Carton Measurement NW kg GW kg QTY. in 20’container
  SH Hand Crank/Solar Power System 1pc 4pcs 67x56x 28cm 20 21 968pcs


Solar Table Lamp Model: GB-9915

Operating time: over 14 hours
Solar power: Mono crystalline solar cell 
4 small bulb 24watts 
Battery: super "AA" rechargeable Ni-CD battery, 600mAh
Light source: Extra bright LED lamps, HPWT--ML00-00000
Brightness:3500 cd
Can adjust higher and fold 
Packing:1 set per gift box, 6sets/ctn, 4500 sets/20'FCL
Capacity: 10000pcs/Month 
Min Order: 1000pcs
If sample order, add handling cost of $200.00 USD
Payment: 100% payment by bank transfer in advance

Model GB-9915 Solar Table Lamp


Solar Power Supply System Model: STS-07

Portable suitcase
12Watt solar folding module: 1 piece
12V/17Ah Lead acid maintenance-free rechargeable battery: 1 piece
Control unit: 1 piece
7W/12V DC energy saving light assembly (include socket, switch, connecting wire) : 2 sets
Connecting wire for 9V application (e.g. Recorder)
Back up fuses: 5 pieces 

If sample order, add handling cost of $200.00 USD
Payment: by bank transfer
Model STS-07 Solar Power Supply System


SR Hand Crank Solar Radio

It's an AM/FM radio, a lantern and an emergency siren all rolled into one. Plus, you'll never run out of power again! Crank the handle to charge the built-in NiCad battery, capture the power of the sun with the built-in solar cell, plug it in the wall or use optional backup batteries (two AA, not included). Features LED tuning and low-battery indicators, headphone jack and telescoping FM antenna. 

Three way Solar radio with flashlight!

Key Specifications/Special Features:
· Never need batteries 
· Multi-function: radio, lantern, siren 
· Solar or hand crank power 
· Available in different colors

Model SR Hand Crank Solar Radio

 Available in Various Colors
 FOB main port of China 
If sample order, add handling cost of $200.00 USD

Hand Crank Multi-Function Solar Radio in various colors (17551 bytes)

SR Hand Crank/Solar Radio 1pc/box 12pcs/carton 52x38x38cm NW 7.2 kg GW 8.2 kg 4068pcs per 20’ container

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