Battery chargers for recharging lead acid batteries and Inverters for conversion of DC to AC power 

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Battery Charger
Success Lead-Acid Battery Re-chargers

   Success Lead-Acid Battery Chargers are designed to cater for high volume battery charging of up to 9 pieces of 12V batteries or 18 pieces of 6V batteries connected in series. This is made possible with the use of multiple voltage and current selections to provide various combinations of charging conditions to suit individual requirement.

Standard models are supplied in heavy gauge steel casing complete with epoxy finishing which comes in two different designs of Fixed and Multiple voltage / current selections.

Model STM1210 
Model STM1210 lead-acid battery charger
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Model STM2410
Model STM2410 lead-acid battery charger (31624 bytes)
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Model STM4810
Model STM4810 lead-acid battery charger  (36393 bytes)
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Rated Supply Voltage Charging Current
220~240Vac 50Hz Maximum range - 5A, 10A and 20A
Battery Type Battery Arrangement
6V and 12V Lead Acid Batteries Series connection only
Number of Batteries Enclosure
6V battery - 1 to 18 pieces (maximum)         High quality steel plate with epoxy powder coated finishing
12V battery - 1 to 9 pieces (maximum)     
Charging Voltage Safety Features
Fixed range -  12V and 24V Fast blow glass fuse
Multiple range - 6V ~ 48V or 96V
                       12V ~ 24V or 108V
MCB over current protection
Suitable for automobile lead acid battery charging


 Model Charging Voltage (VDC) Charging Rate (A) Dimensions H x W x D (mm) Type Weight (kg)
STM1205 12V 5A 120 x 160 x 220 A 3.0
STM1210 12V 10A 120 x 160 x 220 A 4.5
STM2410 12V or 24V 10A 160 x 240 x 270 B 8.0
STM2420 12V or 24V 20A 300 x 340 x 330 C 16.5
STM4810 6V ~ 48V 10A 300 x 340 x 330 D 16.5
STM4820 6V ~ 48V 20A 300 x 340 x 330 D 22.0
STM9610 6V ~ 96V 10A 300 x 340 x 330 D 25.0
STM10810 12V ~ 108V 10A 300 x 340 x 330 D 26.5

Diagram of the four battery charger model types (A, B, C, or D) showing their dimensions.
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MS ISO 9002     REG. NO. AR1505
QUALITY SYSTEM MS ISO 9002     REG. NO. AR1505 MS ISO 9002     REG. NO. AR1505

Power Inverters
DC to AC; Model 12LD47

The model 12LD47 DC to AC power inverter is an important part of wind power supply system. It controls output power from the battery to the load, maintains the proper operation of the whole system, It provides multi functional protection against possible damage, thus prolong the life expectancy of the system. 


  •  Professional control IC 

  •  Power: 150Watt, 300Watt

  •  Input: 10-14VDC

  •  Output: 220V(10%) AC

  •  Frequency: 50HZ

  •  Efficiency: 95% 

  •  Working environment: Temperature -10 C ~ 42 C Humidity =80%

  •  Protection provided

  •  Over-discharge protection, Short circuit protection *

  •  Special connector and function can be made according to customer's requirement.

Model 12LD47 power inverters Model 12LD47 power inverters

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