Generator control components, such as Autostart engine controls, generator control components, control panels, automatic transfer switches

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Generator Set Controls

Automatic voltage regulators, auto-start engine controls, automatic transfer switches, generator control panels, automatic battery chargers

We search the world to find suppliers of high quality control parts for diesel engines and generator sets (from AVR to control panel and switchgear). We work with you to ensure that you get the components that enable you to have the "least total system cost." Whether you are an individual, with a "one time requirement, or a Manufacturer purchasing thousands of components per year, we give you all the same high level of helpful service.

We have many other products which are not shown here. Let us know your requirements, and we will be pleased to tell you more about them.

We have engine controllers for starting any IC engine automatically, in a safe and reliable manner, to permit unattended automatic operation.

Engine Protective Device Engine Protective Device

- Engine protection (over speed, high temperature, low oil pressure)
- Restarting interruption by idle speed or oil pressure signal
- Speed sensing signal (standard : Voltage, option : MPU)
- Indicator for run status
- Over speed test switch
- 2 Adjuster (over speed setting)

ATS Panel

ATS Panel

- Wall mounted type
- Generator instruments : voltmeter, ammeter, frequency meter
  (Options : kW-meter power factor meter)
- Engine instruments : Oil pressure gauge, coolant temperature gauge, hour meter,
  charging voltmeter, charging ammeter
- Essential timer functions
Automatic Voltage Regulator

- Potted in flexible polyvinyl resin for protection
- Over excitation shutdown
- Under frequency compensation
- 50Hz/60Hz
- Residual built up voltage : 4Vac
- Under frequency compensation operating indicator
- Input fuse
- Response time : below 25ms
- Small size and light
Automatic Battery Charger

- Charging by constant voltage and constant current
- Control by switch mode power supply (SMPS)
- Ripple in output voltage: below 1%
- 50Hz/60Hz
- Time setting of equalize changes by timer
  (When complete, the charger automatically returns to float charge mode.)

Engine Control Unit

- Dual automatic starting signal (main power's voltage or UVR's b contact)
- Automatic starting delay time adjustable (0~30sec)
- Automatic stop delay time adjustable (0~240sec)
- Engine protection (over speed, high temperature, low oil pressure)
- 3 Crank attempts with interval
Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS) Control Unit

- Panel flush mounted type
- ATS operation mode select by push button (Auto-Manu)
- ATS closing button manually (main power, generator)
- Power source indicator (main power, generator)
- ATS closing status indicator (main power, generator)
- Time delayed setting (0~30sec) of 


Generator Control Panel ( GCP )

- Made to customer specifications (generator capacity, voltage, phase and wires, hour meter,
   breaker frame, exciter flied voltage and current)
- AMF panel applied for below 50kw generator set
- Control voltage: 12Vdc or 24Vdc
- Timer type for engine stop : ETR or ETS
- Engine

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