Gasifier for biomass waste from agriculture and forestry operations, and gas cook stove (cooker)

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Biomass Fuel Gas Cooker
Model JXQ-10A

   The JXQ-10A small gasification stove is a tool which can change agricultural and forestry waste into fuel gas gas. The equipment is small enough for household use, operates well, and can be recharged with fuel material easily and conveniently. It produces gas fast (in 1-2 minutes). The stove can be operated continuously, with no need to shut down to add more fuel. It can continuously gasify materials such as corncobs, corn stover, wheat straw, rice straw, peanut husks, wood chips, mill off-cuts, and so on. If the air entry is closed off, it can started again up to 20 hours later, simply by opening the air entry, and turning on the blower.

Commodity name: Special-Purpose Straw Gas Cooker
Gas source: low calorific biomass gas
Heating way: water heating
Gas quantity: 6-12m/h
Heating area: 40-100m
Security measure: automatic warning device
Use range: shop, household daily heating and cooking
Packing: wood box
Size: 1000 x 500 x 1000mm
Weight:180 kg/set

Blower system: 80Watts; needs electricity, 220 VAC, 60 Hz
Analysis of the gas is CO:18%, H2:6-10%,CH4:2%                 Calorific Value: 4600-5200 kJ/m^3

Model JXQ-10A portable straw-fuel gas cooker
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These units can run on wood shavings, wood chips, and the denser the fuel, the better.

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